Excel – Ignore blanks and duplicates in Validation list

I faced a problem where I had a worksheet where in column A there were items I wanted to use as source for validation list in another column. But these items were not unique, therefore they appeared in the validation list not just once. So I used the solution presented below to automatically create a unique list in a spare column and assign that list as the source of data validation drop down list for a specified cell range Continue reading

ABAP – Validation of manual input

SAPI faced a scenario where I had an ALV grid where all columns were made generic of type (let’s make it simple) CHAR255. Each column has its name in field catalog in format TABNAME-FIELDNAME (+ more human readable column header texts of course). What I needed to achieve was to make validation of data that user entered in the ALV cells. Since the cell validation is not available by default (because of type CHAR255) I had to make it dynamically.
In this article I’d like to share my solution Continue reading