ABAP – How to declare a variable dynamically

SAPIn case you need to create a variable dynamically during runtime with different type, length or precision, you can use the following piece of code to achieve the same – the variable is created dynamically based on given type, length and number of decimals. Continue reading

Secured FTP – ProFTP + TLS in Ubuntu

FTP is considered as very insecure protocol because all data transferred using this protocol is passed between client and server in clear text and can be hacked by someone listening on your line. But you can easily encrypt the whole communication by enabling/forcing TLS and make FTP much more secure. This article explains how to set up ProFTPd with TLS on an Ubuntu server. Continue reading

ABAP – Export Transport request to local file system

SAPAll development or customizing in SAP is written into a transport request unless it is a local object not intended to be transported ($TMP package). Sometimes it might be useful to backup your development but in SAP this task is quite complicated to export all programs, classes, standard texts, …

Therefore there is an option to export the whole development encapsulated on a transport request level. And that’s what this article is about – exporting development encapsulated in a transport request to local file system. Continue reading

ABAP – Validation of manual input

SAPI faced a scenario where I had an ALV grid where all columns were made generic of type (let’s make it simple) CHAR255. Each column has its name in field catalog in format TABNAME-FIELDNAME (+ more human readable column header texts of course). What I needed to achieve was to make validation of data that user entered in the ALV cells. Since the cell validation is not available by default (because of type CHAR255) I had to make it dynamically.
In this article I’d like to share my solution Continue reading

Test driven development in ABAP – Unit test classes

Test Driven Development using ABAP UnitThis article provides info about creation an ABAP unit test class that might significantly reduce the future maintenance cost at the testing level. The flow is simple – you design your functional tests in advance and then you create your code. You can run the test class repeatedly to tell you which tests still didn’t pass. Continue reading