ABAP – Find out TCode for SPRO activity

Sometimes you need to find out a transaction code for an IMG activity in SPRO.

The first option is quite simple:

  1. Run Tx SPRO and find the required activity
  2. Go to Top Menu – Additional Information – Display Key – IMG Activity
  3. In an additional column being displayed you can find the IMG Activity ID – in many cases the transaction code is represented by the last four characters

Second option is using a function module S_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY_READ. It takes one input parameter – Activity ID.

As result it gives

  • header info (including transaction code)
  • text descriptions


One thought on “ABAP – Find out TCode for SPRO activity

  1. Thanks, these are also nice options. The way I do is perhaps also interesting. I start with knowledge of Customizing table (ie. T333) I go to SM31, enter this table and search which SPRO activities are connected to it… further is the same ..as you wrote above.

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