ALV step-by-step tutorial in examples

SAPIn the following tutorial I present several examples on how to work with ALV grid in ABAP. The whole solution is created from the beginning and is developed step-by-step but you can select just the appropriate step that is important for you.

  1. Basic ALV
    – Simplest ALV with data from SFLIGHT table
    – No field catalog, using DDIC structure SFLIGHT
  2. PF-STATUS, GUI title and exception lights
  3. Icon column
  4. 2 grids in split screen
  5. Event handling
  6. Drag&Drop (coming soon)
  7. Coloring rows
  8. Coloring cells
  9. Dropdown lists
  10. PushButtons and Hyperlinks
  11. Edit & Save changes
  12. Custom button in the ALV header
  13. Grouping fields in Field-Catalog
  14. Dynamic split screen with 2 ALVs
  15. Custom F4 search help for selected ALV fields
  16. Very simple ALV using OO ABAP (CL_SALV_TABLE)

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