ABAP – Select ALV layout on the selection screen

If you want to offer your users to have a parameter on the selection screen where they can select layout of the ALV to be displayed, you can use the following code snippet Continue reading

ABAP – Dynamically show and hide ALV (as sidebar)

SAPQuite frequently I’m getting requests to create an ALV report where only the “header data” is displayed…but after clicking on a hotspot area in that ALV, another grid (ALV) is to be displayed with detailed information (displayed as a sidebar on the screen, not as a new, modal screen). And of course, this sidebar should be possible to be closed/hidden. Continue reading

ABAP – Grouping fields in field catalog

SAPIn some cases you find a report with ALV output where there are maybe hundreds of fields available to be displayed. This can be VERY confusing for the user when he tries to select just few fields he wants to display but all fields are listed in one HUGE list together.

Continue reading

ABAP – ALV Context menu + keep row selection after a filter is applied

SAPStandard functionality of an ALV grid offers row selection by clicking on the row headers. You can also use Ctrl or Shift keys to do mutliple row selection. Drawback of this is when you need to select some rows and apply some filters at the same time. Setting or deleting filter (or any operation which does grid refresh) clears the row selection. If you need to keep the row selection together with functionality of filter (and others), you can follow my little suggestion Continue reading