WebDynpro 4 ABAP – Open Excel sheet from DMS

SAPIn this article I’ll show you how to retrieve an Excel sheet from SAP DMS (Document management System) where it is stored as “original” in a Document container. Continue reading

ABAP – CALL TRANSFORMATION to and from Excel using XLST

SAPThis article is here to show you how to export data from ABAP internal table to XML accepted by MS Excel using XSLT transformation. In second part I’ll show the backwards transformation – Excel to ABAP internal table.

Continue reading

Excel – Ignore blanks and duplicates in Validation list

I faced a problem where I had a worksheet where in column A there were items I wanted to use as source for validation list in another column. But these items were not unique, therefore they appeared in the validation list not just once. So I used the solution presented below to automatically create a unique list in a spare column and assign that list as the source of data validation drop down list for a specified cell range Continue reading