Row level locking of database table

SAPThe default behavior is if a person opens table maintenance generator and tries to maintain the table, the table is locked and no one else can maintain the same table at the same time.

This is because there is a “table-level lock” by default in SAP. This means only one user can maintain any table at a time through SM30 or any transaction that calls table maintenance generator. In the tutorial below you will find out how to replace table level lock with row level lock.
By row-level lock you ensure any number of users can modify the table at same time, but any particular row can be modified by only one user at a time (the first one who accessed the row for maintenance). We will create a transaction for this purpose. This transaction will call our custom report where at first the table lock is deleted and subsequently the table maintenance generator will be called. Continue reading

MySQL Master Slave replication

MySQLSometimes it might be usefull or even needed to replicate data from one place to another. If you have data you want to replicate in MySQL database, you are lucky, because replication is integrated in MySQL by default and you just have to set it up. Continue reading