How to find User exit or BADI

SAPThere are several ways how to find out the correct user exit. In the following article I’ll show few options how to achieve this kind of task

If you know the exit by name

  1. Run transaction SE80 and go to the “Repository Information system”
  2. Navigate to Enhancements – Customer Exits – Enhancements
    Find user exit in SE80


  1. Go to transaction code SE37, enter the following function module name
    “SXV_GET_CLIF_BY_NAME” and press Display
  2. Put a break-point on the first executable line
  3. Run transaction code (i.e. MIRO) and wait until program stops at the break point that is set in step 2.
  4. Double click on the name variable – it will display the first BADI used (i.e. in MIRO – MRM_TRANSACT_DEFAULT – BADI name)
    Use SE18 to see the BADI attributes.
  5. Press F8 to get more BADI’s used by MIRO in sequence they are called.


  1. Run transaction code SE24 and open class CL_EXITHANDLER, method GET_INSTANCE

Breakpoing on ABAP call during debugging

  1. Set debugging on by sending “/h” in the command input box
  2. Start program (i.e. MIRO) where you want to search for a customer user exit
  3. When ABAP debugger is started go to top menu -> Breakpoints ->Breakpoint at -> Statement
  4. Enter command “CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION” and confirm
  5. Press F8 to continue the program – when CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION construct is reached in the code, the ABAP debugger is started and you can read the name of user exit.
    Find user exit - menu navigation
    Find user exit - ABAP Command

Find all available user exits for a TCode

If you know the Transaction Code which you’d like to enhance by implementing user exit code, you can find all available user exits for a specific TCode if you follow my instructions in another post: Program to discover all user exits for given TCode

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