Integration WinMerge in Total Commander

Do you use Total Commander and you need to compare documents more than once a month ? If so, you might find this article interesting and helpful

  1. Open Total Commander
  2. In the main menu select Configuration – Button Bar(or Toolbar – I use Czech modification so I don’t know exact translation)
  3. Click “Add” button
  4. In the “Command” field browse for the WinMergeU.exe file
  5. In the “Parameters” field type
    /ub "%P\%N" "%T\%M"
  6. Click OK (save&close the dialog)

Now if you want to compare two documents, find one of them in the left panel, the second in right panel. Place cursor on one of these two documents and click on the menu button you’ve just created and … voila 😎

3 thoughts on “Integration WinMerge in Total Commander

  1. instead of the above, I’m using the following with WinMerge ver. Unicode:
    /u “%X%P\%N” “%X%T\%M”

    The /u is a WM command line switch, the help says that it “prevents WinMerge from adding either path (left or right) to the Most Recently Used (MRU) list.”

    %X is a TotalCommander prefix to parameters that interprets the following parameters after this parameter as left/right instead of source/target, so that %P will be left path and

    %T will be the right path. %N and %M are the filenames.
    In this way the file in the left TC panel always will be in the left WM panel, regardless on which side the TC cursor was.

  2. If you use command parameters %P%S, then you can compare selected files. Also when selected in one TotalCMD window

  3. Compare 1) selected files or 2) current files left panel and right panel:
    /u %P%S “%X%P\%N” “%X%T\%M”

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